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The subway runs below the city; no map binds it and what happens in its hallways is never completely coherent.
Each station is unique and a source of unexpected adventures.
Each passenger, when met, turns out to be someone amazing.
Sometimes, people leave the subway, bringing the memories and dreams of their stories with them…


· A setting for games such as Itras By, Troika or Electric Bastionland
· A standalone game with its own system which requires a GM and 3 to 5 players, and can be played as a 2-hour one-shot adventure or as a longer campaign
· A beautifully laid-out, double-sided, imaginary subway map you could proudly display in your living room

You'll like this game if you enjoy atypical situations, whimsical adventures and thinking on your feet!


The 90 x 60cm map includes:
· Random lists in the form of subway lines, with dozens to hundreds of stations to generate characters and weird adventure seeds
· A game system based on the interpretation of one-word symbols, to introduce chance in your games rather than deciding whether actions succeed or fail
· Advice on how to run the game, how to add your own content to it and how to insert it in your favorite setting

You can get an idea of what it looks like to run a game of Meanwhile, in the subway by having a look at the following generators for passengers and subway stations.

The game was itchfunded in November 2021 and, thanks to 103 generous backers, received a complete do over by the wonderful Nicolas Folliot!

MitS revels in immensity, reminiscent of the FFX sphere grid, which felt encompassing and inescapable. The act of reading it is kinetic. The quippy prompts sprawl out but intertwine, making generation as simple as finding your own spot on the map and staking your claim.


Everything about this game is seriously impressive and wonderful.



Buying the digital version of the game gives you access to:
· A PNG version of the game, so you can use it with Miro, roll20 or any other virtual tabletop
· Two PDF versions of the game: one to be displayed on your computer screen, and a DIY version, so you can print the game at home on A4 sheets and assemble them by yourself
· Character sheets that are both printable and fillable

Buying the print version of the game gives you access to:
· All of the above
· A 90 by 60 cm map, double-sided and in full color, printed on a 100gsm coated paper with a matte finish, 8 zig zag folds and 3 cross folds
The map is proudly printed in France and will be shipped anywhere in the world (shipping fees are included in the price). Expect a 2-4 week delivery period; the game will be sent in an untracked package.


Meanwhile, in the Subway is also available in the following shops:

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorsCôme Martin, Nicolas Folliot
GenreRole Playing
Tagselectric-bastionland, itras-by, sidequest2021, subway, Surreal, Troika
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Meanwhile, in the subway — PDF version 16 MB
"Print it yourself" version — front 11 MB
"Print it yourself" version — back 9 MB
PNG version — front 7 MB
PNG version — back 7 MB

"Meanwhile, in the subway" — print version!

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"Meanwhile, in the subway" — print version!

· Access to all the game's digital files
· A 90 by 60 cm map, double-sided and in full color, printed on a 100gsm coated paper with a matte finish, 8 zig zag folds and 3 cross folds. Sent anywhere in the world; shipping included.

Birthday copy!

"Meanwhile, in the subway" — print version (used)!

· Access to all the game's digital files ·
A 90 by 60 cm map, double-sided and in full color, printed on a 100gsm coated paper with a matte finish, 8 zig zag folds and 3 cross folds. The map is slightly bent or some little corner has been torn, depending on the cases.
Sent anywhere in the world; shipping included.

Download demo

Random subway station generator
Random subway passenger generator
Character sheets 226 kB

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Happy birthday!!

If you want an inside look of the game, the wonderful Sam Leigh's got you!


will there be community copies avaliable?

I might put up a bunch soon! Watch this space by the end of the month :)

yay!!!!! thank u so so much!!!! i cant wait!!!!:))

@iamabee there they are, go for it ;)




"They like to feel crushed against other passengers during rush hour" - made my day. Thanks a lot!


Eh, I don't kinkshame! Thanks :)


If you're curious about how the game came to be and what you can play in it, you can check out this interview Nicolas & I gave at Wobblies & Wizards!


Such a cool game. I am really glad I got the physical version. The mechanics are really fun and the design of the map is beautiful. 

Thanks for the kind words :)

I’m glad you enjoyed the game!


Lovely game. I wrote a full review of it here: https://nerves.games/2022/06/02/meanwhile-in-the-subway-is-a-poster-with-a-big-p...

Thanks for your review!
Honest compliments and criticism is what I root for.


I assume that we eventually get an email about how to get the physical copy. Or did I miss a step?

You should purchase it on the page, in fact! There's an option for it :)
Tell me if you can't figure it out and I'll get in touch!


Venez vous balader dans ce métro fantastique et rencontrer plein de personnalités atypiques et surprenantes.^^

Avec un système très intéressant qui privilégie les interactions autour de la table et enrichit un récit commun merveilleux.

N'hésitez pas et embarquez ! ;-)


Magnifique jeu permettant de créer des parties passionnantes et pleine de belles histoires, allez-y sans hésiter !


An amazing game where you can meet the stangest people while they travel in the same subway than you, going completely elsewhere <3

Du coup en français on pourrait dire que c'est un jeu incroyable où tu peux rencontrer les gens les plus chelous qui voyagent avec toi dans le métro alors qu'ils vont pas du tout au même endroit que toi avec un petit coeur fait d'un chevron et d'un trois à la fin (et en français on s'en fout de la ponctuation de toute évidence)


"Pire jeu stratégique auquel j'ai jamais joué ! La règle concernant les déflagrations est littéralement IN-COM-PRE... hum pardon ? Ha ! Ha mais oui ! Je me disais aussi, autant pour moi !" - Félicia Mirette

"Une explosion de bonnes idées, une foire à la situation cocasse mêlées à un chaos de surréalisme vertigineux. Voilà ce qu'on trouve dans le Métropolitain. Une expérience effroyable si vous voulez mon avis." - Marton Latrouille

"Jeu neu parl pa le françay, déssolay" - George Clooney


Côme nous a encore écrit un magnifique jeu poétique, aventureux, profondément humain avec un énorme potentiel ludique !

C'est très bon, mangez-en !

Once again, Côme, wrote us a magnificent poetic, adventurous, deeply human ttrpg with a enormous playful potential !

It's good, take a ride !