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FEATHERED ADVENTURES is a diceless tabletop RPG in which you play anthropomorphic birds going on pulp adventures, trying to overcome their flaws to come out on top.

It can be played with or without a GM and requires 3 to 6 players, for short one-shots (1 to 2 hours) requiring very little preparation or slightly longer campaigns.

You'll like this game if you enjoy adventures mixing humor and action, good-humored drama and over the top stories!

FEATHERED ADVENTURES features a complete game system plus everything you need to play and/or create adventures within its 136 pages:

  • Diceless game mechanics: it's always up to the players to decide whether they succeed at a cost or fail
  • A guide to play the game with or without a permanent Game Master
  • 6 ready-to-pick character groups: the standard brood, the junior brood, the drama brood and the unexpected brood
  • 12 prewritten character types: the stingy (but good-hearted) one, the bad-tempered (but selfless) one, the ones too young (but resourceful), the shy (but generous) one, the absent-minded (but brilliant) one and the dumb (but fearless) one… and many others!
  • 24 ready-to-play adventures of 6 different types: treasure hunts, explorations, contests, enemy attacks, investigations and fancy parties
  • A guide to personalize the different characters and adventure types
  • Advice on how to play the game as a short campaign
  • Advice on how to handle the pace of an adventure and the extras interacting with the main characters
  • Lots of obstacles to throw in your characters' way
  • And more!

The game features a clear and efficient layout by Nicolas Folliot, a cover by momatoes and inside illustrations by Helkarava, François Maumont and Clément de Ruyter as well as guest content written by Vivien Féasson, Grant Howitt, Guylène le Mignot, Rae Nedjadi, Julien Pouard and Melville Tilh-Pluñvenn.

FEATHERED ADVENTURES is diceless and keeps things very simple!

Characters are defined by answering a series of queries about them (for instance, what do they do when they get angry, or who is their best friend outside of the brood). They also each have a specific mechanic to ensure them a total success in their actions: for example, the rich but good-hearted character only fully succeeds in doing something if they sacrifice something costly to do so; otherwise, they can only succeed with a complication, or fail.

On top of this, each adventure type has its own progression rule, which ensures that each type of adventure feels differently both narratively and in terms of rhythm.

Apart from these two mechanical details, the rest of the game is almost entirely concerned with freeform narration!

The PDF version of the game, available right now, is a 136-page file, indexed and hyperlinked.
The print version is also be 136 pages in A5 format, with text and images printed in color on a 100g offset paper, and a color cover printed on 250g coated paper with a mat finishing touch. The price includes shipping fees, anywhere in the world.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorCôme Martin
Tagscolor, Comics, drama, humor, pulp


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